Top 10 most popular programs from 2015
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Matt Ryan

2015 will most be remembered for the shocking fall of both legislative leaders.  Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos were both convicted on corruption charges in December.

You might think the programs dealing with these types of "big news" stories would draw the most number of hits with people visiting us on  In reality, though, that often isn't the case.

When looking at the final numbers year after year, I've always found the stories that resonate the most with people are the ones that feature longform storytelling.  More often than not when we leave the "Albany Bubble," as Governor Andrew Cuomo likes to call it, we tend to draw greater interest from our viewers.  Is that because people get enough State Capitol news from this site and others and are looking for something that might affect them a little more personally?  Or are they searching for a story closer to their backyard?

Whatever the reasons may be, we appreciate our readers and viewers who keep coming back.  In order to provide a little drama, we will now list the Top 10 most-viewed programs on our site in 2015 Letterman-style.  Drum roll....

#10 -  Skelos Trial, Common Core, REDC (December)

#9 - Congressman Gibson Talks Future (March)

#8 - Silver Found Guilty of Corruption (December)

#7 - Adirondack Resort in Tupper Lake (Summer of 2014!)

#6 - Senate Majority Leader Flanagan/Logger Training Program (May)

#5 - Pipeline Controversy in Upstate (February)

#4 - New Tappan Zee Bridge Construction (July)

#3 - Deer Population Control (November)

#2 - Buffalo Rebirth, New Adirondack Trails (August)

and #1 was surprising, the most viewed by 2-to-1....Plattsburgh's Success Story (October)