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THIS WEEK: Buffalo Mass Shooting Aftermath, New York's Gun Laws, Last Weeks of Session

Note: New York NOW tapes Friday mornings, but we cover the latest from the State Capitol every day. Check our stories below for more.

On this week's edition of New York NOW (5/20/22):

  • - After a mass shooting killed 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket last weekend, New York's top officials react, and seek action. We'll have details.
  • - State Sen. Brian Kavanagh, a Democrat from Manhattan who chairs American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention, joins us to discuss potential changes to the state's gun laws.
  • - New York City Mayor Eric Adams has a few items he wants lawmakers in Albany to address before they leave for the year, and access to abortion remains a top issue at the State Capitol.
  • - Josh Solomon from the Times Union and Zach Williams from the New York Post join us to break down the week.

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