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This week on NYN: A look at 'Aid-in-Dying'
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Brittany Maynard
Photo Courtesy of Dan Diaz

You may remember the controversy in the fall of 2014 over a California woman moving to Oregon to take advantage of the state's 'aid-in-dying' law.  Brittany Maynard, diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor, packed up along with husband Dan Diaz and made the much-talked-about move north.  Her journey was brought to light through interviews with virtually every major mediaoutlet.  She died in November of 2014.  It forced the question: Should a person facing certain death and in Brittany's case a painful one, be able to end their life on their terms?

Diaz lobbied state lawmakers in Albany this week to allow for similar legislation in New York.  He sat down with our Karen DeWitt for our feature interview. Watch the full program above.