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Pulitzer-winner Caro discusses ongoing LBJ biography series
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Earlier this month, Robert Caro was honored with the 2011 Empire State Archives and History Award in Albany. Caro has written some of the greatest biographies of his time. 'The Power Broker,' his exhaustingly detailed, 1,200+ page book on New York State 'master builder' Robert Moses, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1974.

He followed that up with a memorable series of books, 'The Years of Lyndon Johnson.' His third book on Johnson, 'Master of the Senate,' garnered Caro his second Pulitzer, and with two more volumes coming up in the near future, Caro's LBJ series will become a five-book collection.

Caro recently sat down with 'New York NOW' to discuss his two famous subjects and the writing process that has resulted in some of the most revered biographies of the last fifty years.