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1982 Democratic primary: Koch-Cuomo III
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This week on New York NOW we take a look back at one of the most entertaining political battles of the 20th Century.

When Governor Hugh Carey announced he would not be running for a third term, two candidates emerged as possible successors on the Democratic side: New York City Mayor Ed Koch, overwhelmingly reelected for a second term in 1981, and Lieutenant Governor Mario Cuomo.  The two fought a bitter contest for mayor in 1977, one the that Koch won in the initial primary and then in the runoff.  It was in this battle that members of Koch's team accused the Cuomo campaign of distributing signs around the city that said "Vote Cuomo Not the Homo," a reference to Koch's alleged homosexuality. 

Follow the rollercoaster ride of a campaign as we look at the 1982 Democratic primary for governor this weekend on New York NOW.