Cuomo pleased with ride hailing in New York so far
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It’s been just over two weeks since ride-hailing services have been permitted outside New York City, and Governor Cuomo says he’s pleased, so far.

Cuomo pushed to allow companies including Uber and Lyft to operate in upstate and on Long Island, and service began June 29th.

There have been reports that potential passengers in more rural and remote areas have been unable to quickly summon drivers, if at all.   And some local transit authorities have tacked on additional fees that riders must pay as part of their bill to Uber Lyft and other companies.

But, the governor says, people should be patient. He says, after all, it’s only been two weeks.

“Let’s give it some time,” Cuomo said. “I’m sure it’s not going to solve every problem but, it’s also no doubt that it’s been a welcome relief all across the board.”

Areas outside New York City are one of the last regions of the country to have Uber and Lyft.  Cuomo, speaking in Buffalo, says the exclusion of ride-hailing from upstate and Long Island, was an “injustice”.

Alaska was the only other state not to allow ride-hailing services until that state’s governor signed a bill into law in mid-June allowing the service.