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Our top 10 episodes of 2013
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As each year passes, we like to take a look back and share what our online viewers liked the most from our weekly program.  In 2013, we covered a variety of stories and issues from the wilderness of the Adirondack State Park to the alarmingly high rate of cancers in Western New York, to the numerous proposals on this year's statewide ballot.   So, without further ado, here are the top episodes of 2013...

#1 - New Way to Treat Autism - We travel to The Center for Discovery in Sullivan County to learn about their new approach.

#2 - NY Safe Act - Controversy - We take a look at the stricter gun control measures, define the key sections of the bill and go to a shooting range to learn more about which rifles are now legal and illegal.

#3 - A Trip to the Adirondacks - Our October program, produced on-location, took an in-depth look at the rail and trail issues facing our largest state park. 

#4 - Adirondack Land Swap - A close look at the proposed land swap between the state and NYCO Minerals that was on the statewide ballot.  It ended up passing.

#5 - The Forgotten War of 1812 - Despite being produced in 2012, we examine the state's importance during the war and the perceived slight historians say the state gave its commemoration.

#6 - Grand Central Celebrates - Discover the fascinating history of Grand Central Terminal as it celebrates its centennial.

#7 - Finger Lakes Fracking Fears - Residents are upset over the possibility of hydrofracking around the only two undeveloped Finger lakes.

#8 - Mural Unveiled After A Decade - After hiding behind a large curtain in the State Education Building, a once controversial painting sees the light of day. 

#9 - Making Lake George Smarter - Researchers from RPI and IBM collaborate on the historic Adirondack Lake.

#10 - Will MMA Be Legalized?  A bill to allow the controversial sport of Mixed Martial Arts has been stuck in the state assembly for years, despite momentum.  It failed to pass again in 2013.

We thank everyone for spending time to watch us online or on your local PBS Station and look forward to what should be a VERY interesting 2014, a year where Governor Andrew Cuomo seeks re-election.