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Legislature is more popular, poll finds
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New York State Capitol
Matt Ryan

The New York State Legislature is more popular these days, according to a Siena College poll.

Spokesman Steve Greenberg says the Senate, with a 48% favorable rating, is the highest number in the history of the poll, and the Assembly is not far behind, at 44%.

“I don’t know why their ratings are as good as they are right now,” said Greenberg. “ It bodes well for incumbent legislators.”  

Both former leaders of the legislature are facing stiff prison sentences for corruption. But no lawmakers have been arrested in over a year, and the legislature is out of session.

Senate GOP Spokesman Scott Reif says the public is reacting to the Senate’s recent achievements, including a record level of education aid and a large tax cut for the middle class.

The Senate also approved two traditionally non-Republican but popular  items, as did the Democratic-led Assembly- raising the state’s minimum wage and enacting paid family leave.