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GOP candidate for AG says he might act against Trump
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The Republican candidate for Attorney General in New York, Keith Wofford, says if he wins, he’d go after the head of his party President Trump and his policies, but only if there’s a good reason.

The current attorney general, Barbara Underwood, has dozens of lawsuits on file against President Trump, ranging from an investigation of the Trump Foundation, to the administration’s environmental policies. The Democratic candidate for Attorney General, New York City Public Advocate Tish James says she’d continue those actions. But the GOP’s Keith Wofford says he’d examine each of the cases but he says some of the actions seem purely “partisan” and “political”. Wofford says he would pursue legal action against Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross for including questions about citizenship in the new census questionnaire.

“The point of the census is to count people,” Wofford said, in an interview with public radio and TV. “Anything you do to undermine the accuracy of the census is something that we should stay away from.”  

And he says he would look into allegations published recently in the New York Times that Trump and his family engaged in systematic tax fraud.

“You absolutely have to investigate it,” said Wofford. “The allegation has to be taken seriously because it’s hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Wofford says he remains a Trump supporter, even though he might not always agree with everything the President does.