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Exclusive Tour: New Hall of Governors
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Portrait of former New York Gov. Al Smith
Matt Ryan

'We're all a little bit of history geeks in this administration, from the governor on down,' says State Director of Operations Howard Glaser. As such, when Gov. Cuomo took office earlier this year, plans were formed to update the second floor of the state Capitol, the executive chamber also known as the Hall of Governors. The hall features paintings of New York's past governors, up to former Gov. Mario Cuomo, and is a frequent field trip destination for students.

The redesign is part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's push to create a more open Capitol, Glaser says. The new hall will cost approximately $80,000, but much of that will be covered by federal stimulus funds, as part of the project includes the installation of a new, 90 percent more energy-efficient lighting system which was designed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Click here (and jump to the 19:10 mark) to take a video tour of the new Hall of Governors.