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DeFrancisco: Cuomo no longer a "friend of the taxpayer."
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Matt Ryan/WMHT

Syracuse State Senator John DeFrancisco announced Tuesday night he was running for governor, something he likely never would have thought of doing just a few years ago.

A lot has changed since 2011 when the veteran lawmaker introduced Governor Andrew Cuomo as "a friend to the taxpayers of the state of New York."  

When we asked him about it today, he said he's changed his mind over the years "when new facts arise."  He said in the early days the governor was proposing things he could agree with, like the property tax cap, but he's cited recently the governor's failed economic policies and blaming of Washington for the state's financial woes as reasons he wants to take on the two-term incumbent.

DeFrancisco is the second Albany lawmaker to announce a run versus Cuomo.  Brian Kolb, Assembly Minority Leader, announced his candidacy in December. Former Eric County Executive Joel Giambra is also seeking the GOP nomination.