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Cuomo disagrees with Trump's views on government shutdown

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Governor Andrew Cuomo took a swipe at President Trump’s recent tweet saying that the federal government needs a “good” shutdown.

Cuomo rarely criticizes President Trump by name, though the New York governor does frequently rail against federal Republican proposals, like repealing Obamacare. Cuomo was asked by reporters about Trump’s tweet saying that a government shut down in the fall might reap positive results. He says when he was HUD Secretary for former President Bill Clinton, he lived through two shutdowns, and he says it’s a “failure of the process”.

“I think it’s the last thing this country needs now,” said Cuomo. “A shutdown would just say, ‘you’ve taken gridlock to a new level’.”

The governor says he doesn’t know the details of the President’s’ planned trip to New York Thursday, the first trip back since Trump has been President, and does not know if he’s been invited to any of the events scheduled.

Trump plans to land at JFK airport, then speak aboard the decommissioned USS Intrepid aircraft carrier in the Hudson, and meet with the Australian Prime Minister.