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Comptroller calls for anti-corruption reforms
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The state’s Comptroller has a plan to reduce corruption in the awarding of economic development contracts that has led to the indictment of several former associates of Governor Cuomo.

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli was taken out of the review process for some state economic development contracts in a state law passed in 2011, and since then a former top aide to Governor Cuomo and a former key State University official, along with seven others, have been charged with bribery and bid rigging, among other crimes.

DiNapoli says his plan would restore oversight by the Comptroller over the contracts, and ban the use of not for profit entities that federal prosecutors say were used to mask the illegal schemes.

“I don’t know that the intent ever was for them to basically serve as a pass through,” said DiNapoli. “That would not involve any level of scrutiny or accountability.”

Governor Cuomo has outlined an alternative plan that  would duplicate some of the oversight role of the Comptroller by creating an inspector within the executive branch.

Lawmakers are considering a special session later this month. DiNapoli says he’d prefer thoughtful consideration of any changes, and would not like to see them rushed through in haste as part of an end of the year session.