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Carl Paladino removed from school board
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Karen DeWitt

Former gubernatorial candidate and Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino has been removed from the Buffalo school boards, by the state education commissioner.

Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia sustained the Buffalo School  Board’s application to remove Carl Paladino as a member of the board. Paladino drew attention for making racist comments about the Obamas in a Buffalo newspaper last December, but the charges against him were actually – that he leaked sensitive information to the press from a closed door session of the board.

The attorney for the school board, Frank Miller, says “justice has been done”.

“The message has been sent,” Miller said. “No one, regardless of their station in life, is above the law.”

Commissioner Elia rejected Paladino’s contention that he was trying to get information about fraud and corruption within the board out to the media.

Paladino is banned from seeking re-election to the board for a year. He has not yet commented.