Astorino campaign kicks off in the Bronx
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Astorino campaign kicks off in the Bronx
Matt Ryan

A day after announcing he was running for governor, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino began his campaign outside the Bronx Surrogate Court House and asked a question that is quickly becoming his slogan; is New York winning or losing?

Astorino criticized Governor Andrew Cuomo for being in charge at a time where businesses and families  are fleeing the state for a better future. He said he isn't deterred by polls showing him down by 40 points to the incumbent.  He said he plans on visiting "neighborhoods Republicans may not have campaigned in before" and cited his success as a Republican in a mostly Democratic county. 

The county executive was joined by his wife Sheila and supporters, including Conservative Chairman Mike Long.  Around 15 detractors scattered around Astorino and a supporter of Andrew Cuomo got into the group standing behind him during his announcement.  At the 1:45 mark, you'll notice Astorino's aide Jessica Proud trying to block a pro-Cuomo sign but to no avail.  She continued to stand there quietly throughout the twenty minute appearance.  

Astorino left for his next campaign stop in Buffalo.Tomorrow he'll continue his trek across the state with stops in Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. Check out photos from the day here on our Flickr site. Watch our full program above.