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A new poll finds New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is at his highest approval rating in three years

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According to the Siena College poll, 61% of voters now say they view him favorably overall, and just over half 51% say they like the job he’s doing in office. Siena polls spokesman Steve Greenberg says the numbers are part of trend of rising popularity for the governor in the weeks since President Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.

“By comparison, voters clearly like Governor Cuomo more than what they’ve been seeing coming out of Washington DC with President Trump,” Greenberg said.

There are some weak points for the governor. When voters were asked about eight specific issues, they only rated the governor positively on two of them, higher education and human rights.  The governor recently enacted a program to offer free tuition at public colleges to some middle class families. The majority said Cuomo has some more work to do on things like taxes, improving infrastructure and the economy.