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Six States, Including CA, Removed from NY's Quarantine List
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Close up image if the Coronavirus
Credit: Pexels

Travelers from six states — including California — will no longer have to self-quarantine for 14 days when they arrive in New York, the state said Tuesday, since infection rates had dropped to levels deemed safe to travel without restrictions.

California, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, and Ohio were all removed from the state’s quarantine list, while Puerto Rico was added.

"When other states and territories make progress fighting COVID-19, that's good for New York and while I am glad to see areas removed from the travel advisory list, it still remains far too long,” Cuomo said in a statement.

The list is determined by the share of positive test results over a period of time in those areas. As of Monday, testing numbers had decreased enough for the six states to come off the quarantine list.

New York, meanwhile, ended its 38-day streak of reporting less than 1% of positive test results of the total number of individuals swabbed for the virus on Monday.

Of the 73,678 people tested for the virus Monday, 766 were positive. That lands right at 1%, with Central New York reporting a 1.7% positive rate.

Hospitalizations also inched up in New York, with a total of 481 people hospitalized with the virus as of Monday, the latest data available. Of those, 60 people were intubated. There were 11 new deaths related to the virus.