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Farming app for upstate distributor
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Senator Chuck Schumer, Field Goods owner Donna Williams & her son
Jenna Flanagan/Innovation Trail

Wanna know what crops local farmers are producing? There’s an app for that or at least there will be one soon. Senator Chuck Schumer announced federal funding for Greene County food distributor, Field Goods to integrate technology into their business model.

Donna Williams’ company Field Goods connects many of the Capital Regions and Hudson Valley farms with a larger diverse consumer base, but it can be tricky.

“Getting produce from local farmers, particularly in the north east, their inventory can change radically overnight. So this app will help us get that information in a more consolidated way.”

The yet unnamed app would allow farmers to give real time information on the produce they’ll be sending to Field Goods for distributing.

Senator Schumer says supporting a company like Field Goods benefits upstate agriculture.

“Field Goods has found the sweet spot. It’s the perfect match between consumers who want locally grown healthy fruits and vegetables each week and farmers who want to sell products that are in abundance without a lot of middle men.”

The 50-thousand dollar grant is through the USDA and should help stream line communication between the 70 local farms Field Goods works with and their more than 2-thousand customers.