What are our top three most viewed programs in 2015?
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At each mid-point of the year we're always interested in going back and looking at which programs got the most play on our website.  Here are the Top 3 most viewed in 2015:

#1 - Pipeline Controversy/Heastie Elected Speaker - A look at two proposed pipelines that have some residents in the Leatherstocking and Capital Regions upset. Also, Bronx native Carl Heastie was elected by his colleagues as the next New York State Assembly Speaker.

#2 - Majority Leader Flanagan One-on-One/Logger Training Program - An interview with the new Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-Long Island) and a look at a new state-funded logger training program in the North Country. 

#3 - Congressman Gibson Talks Future/I-81 Debate in CNY - Rep. Chris Gibson (R- Hudson Valley/Catskills) joins us to talk about his decision to make his current congressional term his last. Also, is he the GOP's best chance at winning statewide office in 2018? In our Innovation Trail report, we look at the future of I-81 in Syracuse. Lastly, Casey Seiler explains the LLC loophole.

All of our programs are available to watch online.  Just click here and thank you for your continued support!