Wendy Long soldiers on as Schumer opponent, despite the odds
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The Republican candidate for US Senate running against Chuck Schumer, Wendy Long, faces great odds in her campaign against the powerful and popular third term Senator.  Long addressed the New York delegation Tuesday.

It’s the second time that Wendy Long is running for US Senate. She lost to incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand four years ago, by 46 points, the largest margin of defeat for any statewide candidate in New York, ever.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday finds Long 32 points behind Schumer, but the New York City based attorney and Dartmouth graduate is undeterred.

In her speech to the delegates, some of whom talked during her address, she compared Donald Trump to Cleveland’s famous basketball star.

“Donald Trump is like Lebron James,” Long said. “He is just a force of nature.”

She says Trump has the ability to reach average Americans and New Yorkers just like Ronald Reagan did back in 1980.

Long says she wants to help restore the state to the rule of law, not the “rule of the mob”. She says political correctness is killing our economy and security.  And she linked Schumer to Wall Street, saying he resisted regulations pressed by the Bush Administration. She says Schumer is part of an establishment that includes big government, big business and big media that she predicts will soon crumble.

“They’re in an unholy alliance against the little guy,” said Long, who says that group includes middle class Americans and community banks.

Long says she can bring a “regular citizen’s” perspective to Washington.