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Watching the clock
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At the end of every December, we here at New York NOW will often go through the gobs of footage we accumulated during the year.  One out-of-the-ordinary clip caught our eye from the legislative session. 

Our camera operator Brian Flynn was getting some video of the historic senate chamber in the spring when something unusual happened: Brooklyn Senator Simcha Felder, in mid-call, walked out of the beautiful and apparently multifunctional grandfather clock located in the southwest corner of the room. 

It led us to wonder: Is there a passageway behind this Henry Richardson creation that leads to a secret Batcave of some sort?  Or perhaps to the majority conference room where senators can slip past the media waiting in a nearby Capitol hallway? 

The answer to both questions is, sadly, no. 

Senate spokeswoman Maureen Wren confirms there is an empty space behind the clock door that could fit a standing person, but there is no outlet.   It appears perfect for privacy but hopes of some Bruce Wayne-like getaway for any of our 63 elected officials is just a fairy tale. 

Notice how nonchalant Senator Felder looks after reappearing out of the darkness in front of a group of wide-eyed individuals.  Cool, calm, collected and with a perfect sense of timing.