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Union leaders have harsh words for President and Supreme court after Janus ruling
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Some of New York’s union leaders had harsh words for President Trump and conservative judges on the US Supreme Court, in the wake of the ruling that sided with an Illinois worker who did not want to pay union dues, even though he benefited from union bargained contracts. They were at a press conference with Governor Andrew Cuomo Thursday afternoon.

Civil Service Employees Association President Danny Donohue called the President a “lunatic”.

“I know some people named  Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin that he could have mentored,” Donohue said

United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew had harsh words for the five members of the Supreme Court who ruled against the unions in the case.

“I will pray for all of them when they are burning in hell,” Muldrow said.”

Governor Cuomo, who was to sign an executive order to benefit unions, looked a bit uncomfortable.

The order shields the personal information of public workers from the state’s Freedom of Information Law, in an effort, the governor says to prevent harassment from anti-union forces.

Cuomo asked later whether he agreed with the union leaders comments, said only that Donohue had expressed himself “forthrightly and clearly” but says he has “significant political differences” with the President.

Later in the day, Cuomo took another step that he said will protect unions. He signed an executive order that will shield the personal details of state workers, like their address and phone number,  from the Freedom of Information Law, so that anti-union forces cannot have access to the workers.   Those details are not commonly released on FOIL forms.