Top 10 most watched programs of 2018
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It's that time of year again where we take a look back at what you enjoyed most on our website in 2018. 

In our top ten most-watched online programs you can't help but notice the number of women politicians that landed in the list.  Here are the results in ascending order:

#10 - Ahh, an old favorite!  Our 2011 interview with legendary author Robert Caro. 


#9 - Our interview with AG candidate Zephyr Teachout.  She finished second.


#8 - One-on-one with gubernatorial candidate Stephanie Miner.  She finished last in the voting.


#7 - Another old favorite and one that seems to pop up in this list every year is our show on deer population control.


#6 - The much-talked about debate in NY19 between Antonio Delgado and Rep. John Faso. The Democrat ended up beating the incumbent.


#5 - One-on-one with Tish James, the eventual winner in the race for AG.


#4 - Our interview with AG candidate Leecia Eve.  She finished last in the voting.


#3 - Dual features in this program: Our interview with Libertarian Larry Sharpe (finished with less than two percent of the vote) and our story on former MSNBC anchor Dylan Ratigan entering the race for NY20.  He was soundly defeated in the primary.


#2 - Our 2016 show on the one year anniversary of the Dannemora Prison escape, undoubtedly helped by the recent Showtime release by Ben Stiller.


and our most watched program of the year on was our interview with broadcast legend Cokie Roberts.

Thank you so much for your support this year and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!