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The Top 10 most viewed programs of 2014
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It's that time of year where everyone takes a look back at 2014 before heading into a new year.  We're no exception here at New York NOW.

Below is our ten most popular programs viewed online at  Did your favorite make the Top 10?

#10 - Adoptees Bill of Rights


#9 - Education, Family, Race

#8 - The 50th Anniversary of the WIlderness Act


#7 - Cuomo Challenger Teachout


#6 - Zombie Properties


#5 - Water Infrastructure Debate in Hudson Valley


#4 - Farmers Helping Farmers


#3 - 20th Congressional District Debate


#2 - Tick Season


#1 - 19th Congressional District Debate


Thanks for another great year and we look forward to seeing you here at and on your local PBS station in 2015!