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SUNY Poly president accused of corruption resigns
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The beleaguered head of SUNY’s Polytechnic Institute, Alain Kaloyeros, formally resigned from his post today , after being placed on leave without pay following criminal charges from state and federal officials.

Kaloyeros, who is accused of helping to engineer bribery and kickback schemes involving state contracts for Governor Cuomo’s economic development programs, sent a letter of resignation to State University officials from his post as President of SUNY Polytechnic. His lawyer says Kaloyeros believes the prosecutions are an “unnecessary distraction” for all the hard working SUNY Poly employees, and that “Dr. Kaloyeros is innocent of the charges”, and looks forward to being eventually exonerated.

Kaloyeros, in his letter, says he intends to remain with SUNY in his position as a full-time tenured professor, with a salary that could be as high as $700,000 a year.  

A joint statement from SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher and SUNY Board President Carl McCall says SUNY is “evaluating” Kaloyeros’ request to return to his post as professor. They also say that SUNY is “cooperating” with state and federal prosecutors.