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So How Does Impeachment Work in New York State?

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The New York State Capitol

State Lawmakers Move Toward Impeachment Amid Harassment Claims

Last month, Assembly Republicans drafted a resolution calling for Cuomo’s impeachment, citing his administration’s mishandling of nursing home death data, and updated it last week to include two of the sexual harassment allegations leveled against him. 

As the minority party, that’s as far as they can push it—unless Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie’s office allows it to go through the legislative process. If the resolution were to make it to the Assembly floor, things could get interesting.

“Over the last few weeks, a number of Majority members have produced headlines, articles and soundbites with calls for investigations or even impeachment,” Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay said in a statement. “This resolution is a way they can actually produce results.”

Here’s what you need to know about the impeachment process in New York State.