Skelos talks budget and future of State Republican Party
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The Republican party has been in a slump when it comes to statewide power here in New York. Democrats have held all of the major offices since Governor George Pataki finished his term in 2006. One place, though, where the GOP has held a virtual stronghold is in the senate. With a slim 32-30 edge in the chamber, the party is looking to increase its advantage with the elections this fall. In this interview with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Long Island) he explains that voters are concerned about the economy and the Republicans have a strong economic message which focuses on private sector job creation, cutting taxes, and controlling spending. He believes this message will resonate with voters and cause them to vote based on issues rather than party.

Skelos also discusses the state budget noting that he believes it will be on-time and settled in daylight, noting that the only issues he sees left to settle involve sorting out 'technical language.' Watch the entire episode above.