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Senate will hold hearings on Hoosick Falls water
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The State Senate will hold hearings on the Hoosick Falls water situation. The news was announced by Senator Kathy Marchione after a forum held at the high school organized by US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Senator Marchione, who earlier said that hearings would only result in useless finger pointing, now says that she had never ruled out holding them and that the first hearing will be held in the village of Hoosick Falls in August. Marchione would not say whether she thinks Governor Cuomo’s administration is at fault in any way for finding out about the PFOA levels , but waiting for over a year to tell residents that their drinking water might be poisoned.

“I think we just need to ask the questions and see what the responses are,” Marchione said.

Marchione spoke after a listening session held by US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who said she would try to get a state law passed modeled on the 9-11 responders act, which pays for medical monitoring of those exposed to toxins.