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Senate Democrats say alliance with GOP would be a 'disservice'
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State Senate Democrats say it would be a “disservice” to the people of the state if a group of breakaway Senate Democrats agreed to sit with Republicans in the Senate, instead of Democrats. The admonition comes as a fifth Senator, Malcolm Smith of Queens, announced that he’s joining the Independent Democratic Conference.
A spokesman for the Independent Democratic Conference confirms that Senator Malcolm Smith of Queens will become the fifth Democrat to join the break away Democratic group.
A member of the Senate Democratic conference, Senator Liz Krueger, says that should not prevent Senator Smith and the rest of the IDC from forming a coalition with the rest of the Democrats.
“We believe we are the most stable opportunity for a majority,” said Krueger. “We’re hoping that we can absolutely work out an arrangement.”
And a spokesman for the Senate Democrats says Senators elected as Democrats should sit with the rest of the Democratic conference to pass bills like increasing the minimum wage, and campaign finance reform. Spokesman Mike Murphy says “anything less would be a disservice to the people of our state.”