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Republican Congressman Gibson: 'We've earned a second term'
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Redistricting for incumbent Congressional members here in 2012 means some big changes for some of New York’s delegation. Freshman Representative Chris Gibson (R- Kinderhook) currently represents the 20th district, a gerrymandered area that stretches from Lake Placid to Poughkeepsie and then west of the Catskills.  His new district loses the northern section and gains more area to the south and west.  According to the state Board of Elections, this new district has 11,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats. That’s significantly less than his old area where the advantage was closer to 60,000.  Today we caught up with him at an event in Saratoga Springs, where he said he believes he’s “earned a second term,” highlighting the fact that he’s been labeled the 4th most independent Republican in Congress based on his voting record.