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Outlook for Cuomo administration: partly cloudy
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Governor Andrew Cuomo promised to have the most transparent administration in the state's history when he took office, but he's now facing some criticism after he recently passed a number of important bills in the middle of the night.  Redistricting and pension reform, two topics that have been hotly debated for months, became law while most folks were long since in bed. The irony of these behind-the-scenes decisions is that it took place during 'Sunshine Week,' a time period highlighting openness in state government. 

Watch the episode above as Kyle Hughes of NYSNYS, Joe Spector from Gannett News Service, Laura Nahmias from City and State and Freeman Klopott from Bloomberg News discuss the bills that were passed, the process Gov. Cuomo used to pass them, and whether or not this less-than-transparent method of pushing bills through will cause him to lose supporters.