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First Proposals to Redraw District Lines in New York Released

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Credit: New York NOW

Proposed District Lines for Congress, State Senate, & Assembly

The Independent Redistricting Commission, the state entity tasked with drawing new district lines for Congress and the state Legislature in New York next year, unveiled its first draft of what that could look like Wednesday.

But instead of unveiling just one proposed set of maps, the commission released two versions of each map after the panel couldn’t come to an agreement on a unified proposal.

That’s because the Republican-appointed members and the Democrat-appointed members each created their own set of maps, but couldn’t negotiate between the two versions to release just one proposed set of new district lines.

Instead, members of the commission voted Wednesday to put forth both sets of maps to the public at a series of scheduled hearings around the state: two for New York’s new districts for Congress, two for the State Senate, and two for the State Assembly.

Those hearings will begin in late October starting in Buffalo. A full list of when and where the public can participate can be found here.

Links to download the proposed sets of maps are below:


State Senate

State Assembly

Republican Proposal

Republican Proposal

Republican Proposal

Democrat Proposal

Democrat Proposal

Democrat Proposal


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