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Democrats against reported redistricting deal
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As the redistricting battle nears an end, many Democrats are unhappy with a deal that’s reportedly being worked on. The Times Union reported last week that a proposed amendment would create a new ten member commission under this agreement.  Final revisions would still be in the hands of the Legislature according to the report.

Queens State Senator Mike Gianaris (D) is not happy with the proposal he heard and states that it would be an 'epic fail' that would 'permanently enshrine a bad process.’ Gianaris is hopeful that Gov. Cuomo will stick to his promise of a ‘better process and better product’ by rejecting the proposal.

Watch the video for the full interview with Gianaris, a review of the week's top stories, and analysis from our Reporters Roundtable with Karen DeWitt of New York Public Radio and Yancey Roy of Newsday.