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Cuomo Vows to keep Statue of Liberty Open, despite shut down
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Credit: Office of the New York State Governor

Governor Cuomo says despite the government shutdown, he’s going to try to use state money to keep the Statue of Liberty, which is in a federal park, open. And he says the closure of the statue is a metaphor for what he says President Trump and Congress are doing through their policies on immigration.

“When they try to kick out immigrants when they try to deport Dreamers, they’re trying to close down the Statue of Liberty,” said Cuomo. “I’m volunteering that the state will pay to keep the Statue of Liberty open.”

The governor says he’s trying to contact the federal officials in charge of the Statue, “assuming someone will answer the phone”.

Cuomo spoke after offering remarks at the March for Women in New York City, where he said the President of the United States “simply does not respect women”.