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Cuomo talks cyber bullying, campaign finance reform, fracking in public radio interview
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In an interview with public radio, Governor Cuomo comments on the anti-cyberbullying bill that he signed into law Monday, saying "it's amazing to me the power of the negativity and how it can hurt a young person."

Cuomo says  he will try to sway the public to support campaign finance reform, working with a coalition of reform groups to "raise awareness" in the coming months.

"We have to get the people of the state to demand public finance reform, which they are not doing today," the governor said.

Cuomo does not think the lobby group, the Committee to Save NY, which is closely associated with his policies,  should disclose their donors retroactively, but he says New York will soon be the first in the nation to require 501 C 4 groups to make public donor lists going forward.

The governor says he is not making endorsements yet for State Senate. He  admits Democrats did a poor job when they were in control of the Senate from 2008 through 2010.

"It didn't work well, I think that is fair to say," Cuomo said.

The governor says his administrations' hydro- fracking policy will be released later this summer. Cuomo says if communities want fracking, or are against fracking, then home rule should be taken into "consideration," if fracking is in the end allowed by the Department of Environmental Conservation.