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Cuomo sticks with partial return of Weinstein donations
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Governor Cuomo says he’s returning some of the money donated to his campaign from disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein but says he can’t give back all of it because it’s been spent.

Cuomo says he’s returned $50,000 donated from Weinstein, who is accused of sexually harassing and raping women, saying it’s the “right symbol”. Weinstein has denied the charges, though he’s admitted he has a problem and is seeking help.

But he says he’s not going to give back an additional over $60,000 Weinstein donated to the governor’s past campaigns.

“Obviously money he donated to past campaigns has been spent and has been gone,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo currently has close to $20 million dollars in his campaign account for a 2018 re-election race.

The governor says the more import question is whether he’s acted while in office to protect women and fight against sexual assault and harassment, and he says his record shows that he has.