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Cuomo making a joke, compares potential rival Cynthia Nixon to Vladimir Putin
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Governor Cuomo says he’s unconcerned about the possibility of a primary from the left by Cynthia Nixon, and even made a joking linking to the actor and Russian interference in the US elections.

It’s been reported that Sex and the City star and left-wing activist Cynthia Nixon has been talking to consultants linked to New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio about a possible primary challenge to Cuomo in the governor’s race this year. The governor and New York City mayor, both Democrats, have had a long-running rivalry.

Cuomo was asked on a conference call about the possibility of Mayor deBlasio being behind Nixon’s potential run.

“I think it was probably either the Mayor of New York or Vladimir Putin,” Cuomo said with a chuckle. “I’m going to leave it to you great investigative reporters to follow the facts and ferret out the truth”.

A spokesman for the governor said Cuomo was just trying to have a bit of fun and is not linking Nixon to the Russian leader.

The governor was also asked whether he thinks the well-known actor would pose a serious challenge to his re-election efforts. He answered with a subtle put-down.

“Normally name recognition is relevant when it has some connection to the endeavor,” said the governor, who said if it’s just about name recognition, he hopes Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or Billy Joel do not get into the race.

“That would really be a problem,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo has said he’s interested in seeking a third term in office, but has not yet formally announced his intentions