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Cuomo has harsh words for a fellow Democrat
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Governor Cuomo had harsh words for the state’s Comptroller, a fellow Democrat, over questions about the value of the state’s economic development programs. 

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has conducted audits raising questions about the value of some of governor Cuomo’s economic development programs, saying there’s not enough documentation in some cases that New Yorkers are getting their money’s worth.

Cuomo, speaking in Buffalo, struck back when asked about the Comptroller and others saying   that maybe the programs should be redesigned. 

“I think he’s dead wrong,” Cuomo said. “And he should educate himself.”

Cuomo went on to blame DiNapoli, who used to be a state Assemblyman, and all of the Assembly Democrats for the state’s economic decline, saying they raised taxes too high. 

DiNapoli, in a statement, said “there is no debate on the need to create jobs”, and that recent audits have provided “thoughtful, constructive recommendations” on how to make the programs more effective.

Cuomo’s economic development practices are the target of a federal investigation by US Attorney Preet Bharara.