Cuomo dips in poll
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A new poll finds Governor Cuomo’s popularity has dipped to a  near record low,  and the reason could be dissatisfaction in New York City over the governor’s handling of the mass transit system. 

In a season that Cuomo himself has already dubbed the “summer of hell” because of transit problems, the Quinnipiac University poll finds the governor’s favorability rating is under 50%, reelectionat 46%. And New Yorkers give him poor grades for his handling of the MTA, where 58% give him a grade of “C” or lower, says Quinnipiac polls spokesman Mickey Carroll.

“There’s one ticking time bomb in Governor Cuomo’s situation, and that is the MTA,” Carroll said. “People have finally realized the governor is responsible for the transit agency .”  

The poll also finds that while most think Cuomo could be an effective national leader against the policies of President Trump, the majority don’t think he should run for President in 2020.

Cuomo says he’s focused on being governor anre-electionto that post in 2018.