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Cuomo critiques federal inaction on gun control
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Governor Cuomo, who championed strict new gun control laws in New York after the 2012 Newtown Connecticut shootings killed 20 children, says national gun policy is “insanity”, and “disgusting”.

Cuomo criticized President Trump and other national Republican leaders who say now is not the time to talk about gun control so quickly after the Las Vegas shooting, saying that attitude is “ludicrous”.

“All these federal officials they put out press releases, they put out warm wishes,” Cuomo said. “Warm wishes are nice, press releases are nice. You know what’s better? Action.”

Cuomo says assault weapons should not be legal, and people who are mentally ill should not be allowed to own a gun.

The risk of the assault weapon falling into the wrong hands outweighs the benefit,” said Cuomo.

The governor, who has taken heat in some quarters for the state’s 2013 SAFE act, which limits to six the number of bullets in an ammunition holder, says he believes that in the end, history will prove that he was right.