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Cuomo calls out GOP Senators who can't recall Trump's use of vulgar word
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Governor Andrew Cuomo, speaking at the annual Martin Luther King Day event at the Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, mocked Republican senators who now say they can’t recall President Trump uttering a vulgarity during the meeting at the White House on immigration.

Cuomo, who earlier called the President’s comments “ugly” and “repulsive”,   condemned two GOP Senators, David Perdue of Georgia and tom cotton of Arkansas,  who say they either did not hear or do not recall President Trump using a vulgar word to describe immigrants from African countries.

“And then they lie about it,” Cuomo said. “They come out two Republican  Senators say ‘I don’t recall that being said’.  Sounds like Watergate.”

Cuomo says it’s not just a Republican versus Democratic issue because GOP Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina confirmed that he heard the comments and called Trump out on them. And he says they are certain words and situations that most people would find memorable.

“You remember when someone says those countries S-H and that person is the president and you're sitting in the White House. You remember that,” Cuomo said. “ And if you don't remember that, that's even worse. Because that means you are not outraged at the statement. And you should have been outraged as an American.”

Cuomo says institutionalized discrimination still exists, and “outrage and activism” is more important than ever.