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Cuomo again condemns Trump for what he says is failings in Puerto Rico recovery efforts
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Governor Cuomo finished his fifth trip to Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria stuck the island last September. He announced a new agricultural trade agreement and had some harsh words for President Trump.

Cuomo says New York apples, cabbages and onions are being shipped to Puerto Rico, and in exchange is getting watermelon, mangoes, and pumpkins in a trade deal that has grown to one million dollars.

The governor spent a couple of days helping to rebuild some of the 70,000 homes that were destroyed, along with student volunteers from the City and State University systems. And he continued his condemnation of President Trump, who he says has neglected Puerto Rico in the ten months since the storm. He says the government of Puerto Rico asked for $94 billion dollars in aid, but so far have received just $5 billion in loans.

“That is disgraceful,” Cuomo said. 

And Cuomo says he’s written a letter to the President, asking Trump to revisit the island, saying that he would even accompany the President there. And he criticized the President’s visit to the island in 2017, where Trump handed out some supplies.

“Come back to Puerto Rico. Apologize for the mistake, say that you will make it right, provide funding for the reconstruction effort and provide help for the struggling economy. Puerto Rico never needed paper towels, Mr. President,” Cuomo said. “They needed funding assistance to rebuild the economy. People needed roofs on their homes. They needed clean water. They didn't need paper towels. Come back and fix the wrong. “

Cuomo says major damaging storms also hit Texas and Florida last fall, and, unlike Puerto Rico,  they got the help from the federal government they needed.

And the governor says he plans to increase the number of students who can join the ongoing rebuilding program on the island.