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Assembly rejects Speaker Silver, deliberates over next step
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Assembly Democrats are planning to huddle behind closed doors again in Albany today, trying to decide their next move after they decided Monday that they no longer have confidence in their in their present Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Silver, facing serious corruption charges that he used his position as Speaker to illegally gain millions of dollars for his personal use, has now lost the confidence of his Assembly Democratic conference to lead the chamber. But after closed door meetings that lasted well into Monday night, the Democrats have not yet decide what to do next. Plans to install a five member temporary leadership team, and then a two member team, were considered, then rejected. Assemblyman Michael Kearns, an independent Democrat from Buffalo, says his colleagues says Silver is fighting for his political life as the members rebel.

“They have had a come to Jesus moment that we need to move on,” said Kearns.

Despite the pressure, Speaker Silver has not yet resigned or ceded his leadership post. More private meetings are scheduled.