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Assembly Democrats propose new taxes on the rich
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Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is proposing new income tax brackets on New York’s wealthiest, with a top tax rate of over 10% on those making more than $100 million dollars a year.

The new tax brackets proposed by Assembly Democrats would raise rates on those making more than a million dollars a year, as Governor Cuomo has outlined in his budget. But new, higher rates would apply to those who make more than $5 million dollars, and $10 million dollars or more, with a top bracket of 10.32% for New Yorkers who earn more than $100 million dollars a year.

Michael Kink, with the progressive group Strong Economy for All, says it’s only fair.

“New York’s millionaires and billionaires have seen explosive income growth over the last couple of decades,” Kink said. “And our tax laws haven’t kept up with that income growth.”

The measure is expected to have trouble passing the state Senate, where Republicans lead.

"Senator Flanagan and the members of our Republican conference are focused on cutting taxes and making New York more affordable for the middle class," said Senate GOP spokesman Scott Reif.