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Albany’s Mayor Votes Early, Talks Gun Manufacturer Liability
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Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, after early voting in the 2021 primary
New York NOW

Albany’s Mayor Votes Early, Talks Gun Manufacturer Liability 

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan cast her ballot on Monday afternoon for this month’s primary election.

Sheehan is vying for a third term this year, with one top-of-mind issue for Capital City residents being gun violence. Last year, Albany saw over 100 shootings, over 200 shots fired incidents, and double-digit homicides, according to the Albany Police Department

This year, the police department reports that at least 30 people have been shot, and 10 people have been killed. Mayor Sheehan said there are strategies at work to address the issue of public safety. 

“We have too many illegal guns in our city, and we need to ensure that we’re holding the manufacturers of those guns accountable,” Sheehan said. “We also need to ensure that we are focusing on what we know works... the violence prevention task force, and the tools that we already have in place.”

When it comes to gun manufacturers being held accountable, Assemblymember Pat Fahy, who represents parts of Albany, sponsored legislation allowing manufacturers to be sued if their products are used in a shooting.

That measure passed the legislature last week, with both Assemblymember Fahy, and Mayor Sheehan saying it’s just one of several ways to minimize gun violence in urban areas. 

Meanwhile, Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins is one of four finalists for Akron, Ohio police chief. He’s been with the department for just under three years. Mayor Sheehan said that even if he leaves, the department will still be in good hands. 

“I have confidence in this department, as we undertake really reinventing and reimagining our police department.”