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The Keene barn: A photographer's best friend
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The Keene Red Barn
Matt Ryan

On our way back from reporting on a story in the Adirondacks, we passed a familiar sight off of Route 73 in Essex County.  If you've traveled that same stretch of highway on your way to Lake Placid, you've probably passed it too. 

The old Keene barn is a photographer's delight, no matter the season. If you're still looking for that perfect shot, though, you better hurry.  It's reaching the end of its life and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Watch our full story here. It starts at the 21:45 mark. 

UPDATE (12/20/16): The well-known structure is no longer standing as of December, 20th. The Department of Environmental Conservation told New York NOW that the barn “has become a health and safety hazard. DEC knocked down the barn to ensure public safety. DEC inspections found the barn to be structurally unsound and beyond repair and discovered evidence of people entering the barn to take photos, remove beams and siding, use it as a bathroom, and other activities.  The increased risk of building collapse due to its deterioration, weight of winter snows, and the continued use by people, caused DEC to determine the building must come down to ensure public safety.”