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Full Episode: Post Primary Day, New York Health Act, NY High Court Shift
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Post Primary Day, New York Health Act, NY High Court Shift

On this week’s edition of New York NOW: Tuesday was Primary Day, and the sitting mayors were defeated in Buffalo and Rochester. Additionally, New York City used a system called “ranked choice” to vote.

Bernadette Hogan from the New York Post sits down with us to talk about those stories.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s two nominees for the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, were confirmed earlier this month, but not without some pushback. Vin Bonventre from Albany Law School joins us to talk about expectations.

And the New York Health Act, which would overhaul healthcare in the state, didn’t pass during this legislative session, but proponents aren’t giving up.

Brooklyn Senator Jabari Brisport and Elisabeth Benjamin from the Community Service Society of New York join to discuss the issue moving forward. 

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