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Impact of Hurricane Sandy
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Sometimes when we’re cautioned about the potential dangers of an impending storm, it’s natural to have a sense of, ‘It won’t be that bad.’  As Hurricane Sandy moved closer to the tri-state area, though,  it seemed more and more likely that this was not one to be ignored.

Despite all the warnings and preparation, Sandy brought devastation to New York City and Long Island especially, as well as the northern suburbs of Westchester County. 

At least 32 people were killed by the storm and it left billions of dollars in damage to homes, businesses, state parks, and public infrastructure.  Last week we went down to one of the communities most affect by the storm, Breezy Point in Queens, to see how they’re coping. Watch the report above.

Also, Election Day is this Tuesday and there are a lot of compelling storylines in both the control for the state senate and in the newly formed Congressional districts. A few weeks ago we had the Deputy Senate Majority Leader for the Republicans, Tom Libous, on the show.  He said the GOP would not only hold on to their slim majority, but build on it.  This week the man the senate Democrats have in charge of getting back control, Mike Gianaris of Queens, explained why he thinks his party is in good shape come November 6th. Watch the full interview here.