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Cardinal Dolan on education tax credit, 'aid-in-dying' bill
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New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan came to the Capitol with other Catholic church leaders to meet with Governor Cuomo and some leaders of the legislature. Karen DeWitt sat down with the Cardinal for public radio and New York NOW to talk about the church’s push for an education tax credit, and its effort to stop a movement to allow physician assisted suicide in New York, something supporters refer to as aid in Dying.

The Cardinal also shared his opinions about the tenor of the Presidential race, saying he’s particularly concerned with the  anti immigrant views of leading GOP candidate Donald Trump.

Dolan, who has a graduate degree in American history, says he’s observed political mudslinging before, but he says this year the anger and bad behavior is  “heightened.” He says parents tell him they don’t want their kids to watch the debates.  The Cardinal has already written an op ed against Donald Trump’s  immigration policies, and he says he continues to be concerned.

“To single out the immigrant, to blame them for our problems to imply that the immigrant drags down the nation instead of lifts up the nation,” said Dolan. “I don’t think my grandparents would like that and I certainly don’t.”

Cardinal Dolan says he still believes politics is a “noble vocation," and the tone can improve.