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DiNapoli not happy with budget's public campaign finance plan
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Tom DiNapoli has long been an advocate for a public financing system for campaigns. In the newly enacted state budget a plan was put in place, but only for this fall's state comptroller's race. You might think he'd be happy about that.

But you'd be wrong.

This week the New York State Comptroller sat down with us to explain why, calling the plan "rushed and fumbled" and proves "dysfunction is not over in Albany." Watch the full interview above.

UPDATE: Statement by Comptroller DiNapoli on Campaign Finance Reform released Monday, April 7, 2014:

"The pilot program for public financing of the Comptroller election is a poor excuse to avoid the real reforms New Yorkers deserve. At this point, I cannot participate in this pilot. I was always willing to have reform start with the Comptroller’s office, but I will not be a convenient sacrificial lamb. I hope that before the legislative session ends, there will be comprehensive campaign finance reform, as well as a reconsideration of the proposal I advanced, with realistic timeframes for successful implementation."